Do you have what it takes
to make it in the Country Music business?

Why not prove it by becoming  A STAR TEAM MEMBER !

Q: What is A Star Team member?

A STAR TEAM MEMBER is anyone who loves Country Music, with the enthusiasm and passion to spread the word about Teddy and his music.

Q:  How do I become A STAR TEAM MEMBER?

Just fill out the STAR TEAM MEMBER APPLICATION and once we receive your application, you’ll be emailed your MEMBER NUMBER. 


Does it cost anything to be a STAR TEAM MEMBER?


NO and As a STAR TEAM MEMBER you’ll have the opportunity to win some cool prizes exclusive to STAR TEAM MEMBERS only.


How does a STAR TEAM MEMBER spread the word about Teddy and his music?

A: First fill out the application , then check the Capacity or the area you would prefer.

What is a Capacity?

A: A Capacity is an area of Promotion.

How many Capacities are there? and What does each Capacity cover?

A: There are 4 Capacities, with each Capacity dealing with a specific area of promotion.

What Areas of Capacities are there?    

  • RADIO PROMOTION - This consist of Calling Radio Stations, Requesting Teddy’s Music And setting up Interviews.

  • CD RETAIL PROMOTION - This consist of selling or setting up

     retail in your area.

  • PUBLICITY PROMOTION -This consist of contacting magazines,

    newspapers, writing interviews or anything to do with the promotion or
    publicity of Teddy’s music.

  • MISSIONS -This consist of distributing stickers or f lyers and
    hanging up posters.


 Can I check more then one Capacity or Areas of promotion?

A: Yes,  you can check one or all.
Q: Will materials for promotion be provided to STAR TEAM MEMBERS?

Yes, such materials as posters, CD's, flyers, news announcements, and radio list will be provided, however some STAR TEAM MEMBERS choose to make there own.

     If you do choose to make your own flyers or posters, you must e-mail a copy of your design to for approval.

click here   to join online
click here   for a printout  application

For more Information: email Teddy Berge Enterprises at

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